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High-Quality Document Scanning Services for All Your Needs

Since 2004, VDOCS has transformed your paper documents into searchable, accessible digital assets with our comprehensive document scanning services.

We offer high-quality scanning with superior OCR, catering to projects of all sizes and across all industries.

Our Services:

High-Resolution Scanning:

We capture every detail with our advanced technology, ensuring accurate and clear digital copies.

Superior OCR:

Our software accurately converts scanned text into editable formats, saving you time and effort.

On-Site Scanning:

Set up temporary scanning operations at your location, providing complete control over your documents.

Industry-Specific Solutions:

Dedicated offerings for medical records, blueprints, photos, legal documents, and more.

Additional Services:

Text-searchable PDFs, indexing, document conversion, and integration with various systems.


Enhanced Efficiency:

Streamline workflows by making documents searchable and editable.

Reduced Costs: 

Eliminate physical storage needs and save on paper and printing.

Improved Collaboration: 

Share documents electronically with ease and facilitate remote access.

Increased Accessibility:

Make documents accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

Preserved History:

Securely digitize valuable documents for future generations.

Choose the service that best meets your needs:

Medical Records Scanning:

HIPAA-compliant service for converting medical records and integrating with EMR/EHR systems.

Blueprint & Wide Format Scanning:

Quality scanning of blueprints and large format drawings, including indexing and bookmarking.

Photo Scanning Service:

4K scans up to 7K-10K resolution, with image correction, indexing, and orientation included.

Legal & Litigation Scanning:

Case file scanning and indexing, Bates stamping, and loading files into case management systems.

Indexing & Document Conversion:

Advanced document indexing and classification, document management system integration, creation of searchable PDFs, and accurate OCR with small file sizes.

PST/Email Conversion:

Convert emails to searchable PDFs for easier archiving and retrieval.

Contact us today for a free quote and discuss how our document scanning services can transform your business.


Document Management Software Made Easy

Streamline your document workflow with our suite of software solutions:


Document Management Made Easy with autoINDEX>autoFILER.
Streamline your document workflow

Automated document capture: 

Capture documents from scanners and multifunction devices with ease.


Organize documents with custom indexing fields for easy retrieval.

Full-text searchable PDFs:

Convert scanned documents to searchable PDFs for quick access to information.

Automated filing:

Save documents to your desired locations automatically.

VDS (VDOCS Document Search):

Find keywords in all your PDF files in seconds. Open the PDF on the Page that contains the Keywords. 

Find information instantly:

Search your scanned documents in seconds using keywords.

eDiscovery and electronic forensics:

Analyze electronic documents for legal and compliance purposes.

Software Development:

Custom solutions for your unique needs:

Automate document-related processes, forms processing, conversions, and analysis.

Advanced technologies: 

Utilize HTML5, Bootstrap, and other cutting-edge technologies.

PDF Bates Stamping Software:

Batch processing:

Bates Stamp thousands of documents with ease.

Automated process:

Save time and effort with automatic Bates stamping.

Organized documentation:

Enhance document management and legal compliance.

PDF Page Counter:

Analyze your document collection:

Identify document names, sizes, and page counts for TIFF and PDF files.

Excel sheet output: 

Generate comprehensive reports for further analysis.


Increased productivity:

Save time and effort by automating document capture, indexing, and filing.

Improved organization:

Find the information you need quickly and easily with powerful search capabilities.

Enhanced security and compliance:

Ensure document integrity and meet legal requirements with Bates stamping and eDiscovery tools.

Reduced costs:

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and paper storage.


Adapt our solutions to your individual needs and document volume.

Contact us today to learn more about how our software can help you

manage your documents efficiently and effectively.

....serving Florida since 2004