High-Quality Color and BW Blueprint Scanning


Bookmarked Indexed Drawings with OCR

High-Quality Color and BW Large Format Scanning

Manufacturing, construction SCANNING SERVICES

Bookmarked Indexed Drawings with OCR

Quality Blueprint Scanning

Large Format Document Scanning and Conversion, Scanning Services in Black & White and Color for:

  • Blueprint Scanning
  • Large Format Scanning
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Construction Drawings
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Maps, Banners, Posters
  • Land surveys

Our customers include engineering firms, construction companies, and municipalities, with small and large projects.

Scanning Drawings Pricing

VDOCS pricing includes all required services to complete your project. The time it takes to complete the scanning of drawings depends on factors like the size of drawings, condition, indexing, preparation, etc. The amount of labor determines the price.

BW Scanning Pricing Ranges:

  • $1.00 to $2.00 for 24" x 36"
  • $1.25 to $2.50 for 36" x 48"

For larger scanning projects we offer one flat scan charge regardless of all drawing sizes.


VDOCS Blueprint Scanning Testimonials

"The image quality of the wide format scans is super and much better than I expected. Thank you for combining the drawigns with our other documents in one PDF. "


"The bookmarks make it so easy to find specific pages within the multipage scanned PDF. Even with my small monitor."


"Thank you for the great work and wonderful project management for scanning our 50,000 fragile oversized drawings onsite."


"The scanning quality is very good and we like the quick turnaround time. And thank you for organizing the prints with the drawing names as bookmarks. Pages are so easy to find."

Blueprint Scanning Services

Quality Blueprint Scanning

We scan and reproduce the following documents:

  • Engineering Drawings
  • Blueprints
  • Construction Documents, Drawings
  • CAD Files
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Building Renderings
  • Building plans, Drawings
  • Specifications Manual, or Spec books
  • Permits
  • Posters
  • Other large-format documents

VDOCS Scanned Blueprints: Easy to Use


VDOCS increases the usability of your scanned Drawings.  

  • Converting your Drawings into Text Searchable PDF large format files
  • Creation of Bookmarks for super easy Navigation 
  • Indexing and Filing to access your drawings are easy
  • Unsurpassed Quality Scanning and Document Conversion

Using our large format scanners and large format printers, we can scan, copy, and print large format blueprints, construction plans, survey plans, topographical maps, tax records, mechanical drawings, architectural plans, and engineering large format drawings.

Full-Text Searchable PDF Drawings

VDOCS Document conversion offers the conversion even of large format drawings into Full-Text Searchable PDF files. This allows you to search for typed keywords within your document and find the content very quickly and easily.


Bookmarking of Pages

Bookmarks in Multipage PDF scans

Drawings with Bookmarks. For multipage drawings, it is very important to keep the scanned drawings, and documents organized and it needs to be easy to find the correct drawing number very easy. With VDOCS bookmark creation this is very easy.

The drawings are being scanned and after scanning the PDF files are being merged and the bookmarks created.

This makes it very fast and efficient to find specific sections in the set of drawings like Mechanical, Structural, Electrical, etc.


Straight Images

Straighten Images:

Even if the original was not straight, we will straighten the scan for you.

With our fine rotation, we can straighten images with 0.1 degrees of fine-tuning.


Image Cleanup

Image Quality - Despeckle Cleanup

In the post-scan process, we apply additional corrections if required, like Despeckle.

This cleans up background noise, lightens, darkens,s, etc.


Image Orientation 

Mirror Image, Horizontal Flip

Drawings Rotate. If originals are incorrectly imaged, like reverse image, we will fix this for you and turn the image in the correct orientation.

Images are readable.


Blueprints to BW Images

Blue Blueprints:

Drawings Blueprint. For old blueprints we use negative correction to turn the image in a usable correct setting.

Drawings are smaller in File Size and properly readable.


Scan Formats and Resolution

VDOCS normally scans your wide format drawings, engineering drawings, and construction plans with a scan resolution of 400 x 400 dpi. We found this resolution superior specifically for smaller fonts and fine lines compared to the industry standard scan resolution of 300 x 300 dpi for large format engineering drawings.

We provide scanning services for your blueprint, wide format, large format, construction plan scans into the following file formats:

Full Text searchable PDF files

As single or multipage PDF Files

TIFF Images

As single or multipage TIFF Images

JPG File Format

Cal and other types


Document Preparation

Blueprint scanning preparation

  • VDOCS document preparation includes
  • removal of all staples and fasteners
  • repair of torn or deteriorated edges
  • reordering of documents
  • examination of the back sides for additional information
  • identification of delicate and older documents
  • identification of color or grayscale scanning needs

Fragile Drawings

Fragile Documents

VDOCS has vast experience with the conversion of super fragile and old drawings. We converted over a hundred thousand fragile large-format drawings or wide-format documents. We treat every document with the highest care. Some originals need special treatment before we can scan them. In certain cases, we will use a document feeding and protection carrier to scan your drawings.


Blueprint Indexing

Indexing and Filing of Scanned Blueprints

VDOCS provides complete indexing services so you can easily find your scanned large format scan. In addition, VDOCS can supports document integration with your document management system. By using vdocs autoINDEX autoFILER in most cases we can index the large format scans with your required indexing criteria at very little or no additional cost. VDOCS helps you meet your deadlines. We have well-trained staff that can work around the clock to meet your organization's scanning needs.


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