VDOCS Document Conversion Services



Why?  Did you know that ...

... Paper filing systems grow 22% per year.

... over 40% of the data utilized on the job is not readily accessible.

... support personnel spend up to 60% of their time searching for paper.

vdocs Document Conversion Services is able to turn paper document into digital information. 



Document Conversion Services:

vdocs converts hardcopy and digital, electronic files from the following file types to all file types:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • PDF image only file
  • PDF full text searchable file
  • TIFF file
  • Word Files
  • Excel Files
  • Image files like jpg, bmp, gif etc.



VDOCS offers Best in Class OCR Conversion Services and OCR Software!



Best in Class OCR Technology

vdocs has specialized in PDF conversion solutions for years. Our PDF conversion software handels the largest scope of documents, color, bw, up to wide format engineering drawings. Our OCR technology is world class.

  • Highest Accuracy, super precise OCR Processing
  • Super Fast OCR Processing
  • Creation of very small file sizes with highest quality
  • Creation of Searchable Engineering Drawings 
  • Production Conversion of Large Records
  • As good OCR on Color than on BW Documents



Hardcopy document conversion to MS-Word or Excel files. 

vdocs automatically convert hardcopy and electronic documents into the following document types:

  • MS-Word file (*.doc)
  • MS-Excel file (*.xls)
  • MS-PPT files (*.ppt)
  • Web Site, HTML files (*.html)
  • Database Files (*.csv)
  • Text Files (*.txt)



PDF-OCR-Conversion, Scan to Text Searchable PDF

VDOCS scans your images and uses our sophisticated and automated document indexing and conversion solutions. By converting documents into OCR'd or searchable PDF files you can search for any letter or words within the file in seconds.  In the PDF file conversion process the document is scanned and converted into a PDF document. The quality of the OCR conversion process will largely depend on the quality of the scanned image and the clarity of the characters of that image. vdocs uses the most advanced solutions and services to provide almost perfect recognizable text searchable PDF files.