Step 1: Automated Image / Document Capture with autoINDEX->autoFILER:

No Scanner license Fees 

Because vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER captures images and documents from a shared folder and e-Mail in Microsoft Outlook, you can connected to an unlimited of numbers of scanners, network scanners or electronic image output systems.  This enables you to set up a organization wide image capture solution with the perfect combination of document scanners and shared network scanners.


File Types:

vdocs  autoINDEX->autoFILER  is able to capture images and document from over 130 different File Types. This includes media files, audio files and typical document files like word, pdf, tiff etc.


Unlimited Workflows

Because vdocs  autoINDEX->autoFILER  captures documents from multiple shared Folders you can set up multiple workflows for the different departments.  This flexibility enables you to tailor the document capture capabilities to almost any scanning device and to start the department specific document processing:


Scan from Xerox to autoINDEX autoFILER

Scan from a Multifunctional Devices or Scanner

Example:  Accounting requires documents to be routed to AR and AP. Using a xerox Multifunctional device you can use the pre-programmed buttons to directly scan to the shared folder for autoINDEX->autoFILER  to pick up and process the Document.


Scanning with A Xerox 

With the new Xerox Multifunctional Systems this is a three button process. You  select Scan - Destination and Start and the document will be transferred to the network folder, where vdocs  autoINDEX->autoFILER  can pick it up and start the porcessing workflow of indexing and filing. But we also can implement non-xerox devises as long as they scan to the etwork.


Scan from a Document Scanner: 

Scan from scanner to autoINDEX autoFILER

Example:  Contracts:  Your organization has a huge number of contracts and the most productive way is to use a dedicated Document Scanner.  You would scan the documents and then save them to the shared Folder.   autoINDEX->autoFILER  will pick up the document and start the processing of the documents.  You can use any document scanner and save the document to the shared Folder that vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER will retrieve the documnet to start he indexing and filing process.



Data in Computer, Mainframes:  Computer generated Documents: 

You want to automatically file and index documents that are generated on the computer.  This can be a PC or a mainframe.  The data from a mainframe can be printed as image file to the shared folder and autoINDEX->autoFILER  would pick them up and start the required processing workflow.





You might receive image file as attachments and need to also file them.  autoINDEX->autoFILER  is able to capture images from you e-Mail system and start the workflow for document processing