Drawbag of the typical Document Management Systems:

 - The indexing and filing process can take more time than the in a paper based process 

 - Typical systems limit the customer to only a few indexing criteria

 - Some systems still use TIFF files instead of the popular PDF File format

Summary:  Many organizations decide not to go "paperless" because the processes are to labor intense and there are no time and cost savings.  Typical DMS systems have the only advantage that documents can be retrieved quicker.


Efficient 3 Step Document Management Process

vdocs solutions offer a new way of indexing and filing documents automated and 100 % correct.


vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER indexes automated and 100% correct

The scanning solutions are vendor and device independent.  It can be used regardless what current or planned scanning technology you are using.  vdocs implemented solutions that capture documents from network scanners, document scanners and electronic File Capture. 


1. Step:  Device Independent Document Scanning:
No Scanner license or seat fees.  You can connect an unlimited of amount of scanners, network scanners or electronic image output systems.  This enables you to set up a organization wide image and document capture solution with the perfect combination of document scanners and shared network scanners.


2. Step:  Automated Indexing and Routing:
Documents are automatically indexed based on your requirements.  The automation can be performed on over 30+ different criteria.  Documents are being indexed and filed 100% correct.


3. Step:  Automated  Document Storage:
The vdocs solution automatically publishes the documents to:

  • PC Folder Structure
  • Microsoft Share Point
  • Document Management Systems
  • Open Source Document Management Systems
  • Litigation Systems
  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Electronic Records Management Systems
  • Knowledge Management Software
  • Databases
  • Medical EMR/EHR


vdocs eliminates the typical problems with Document Management Systems.  The document indexing and filing is done automatically.  We recommend to scan documents to full text searchable PDF files.  This allows the vdocs Document Management software to find any keyword in any document.  You are no more limited to a few indexing and search criteria.