How Paper Documents affect your business today ...


- Office employees spend 20%-25% of their time looking for paper documents
- The average document is copied or reproduced and stored 9-11 times, at an average of $18 per document 
- 7% of all documents are being misfiled.  The average cost to find a misfiled document is $120
- Plus Off-site Storage costs
- Plus expensive office space
- What about disasters like hurricanes, floods etc.?
- And paper Work processes are time consuming and limited to the location of the document




vdocs Document Management Software: 3 times the Features for 1/3 of the Cost 

autoamted document Indexing Filing

1. File your Documents Automatically and 100% Correct

This unique automated solution will eliminate the manual processes of indexing and filing your documents. 

  • vdocs eliminates the very time consuming manual document Indexing and Filing process.


2. Retieve Documents within Seconds by any Keword in any Document


vdocs files documents automated and 100% correct.  Documents can be retrieved by any keyword in the entire document:

  • You find documents in secondsRetireve Documents in seconds
  • Never misfile a document again
  • Easy Integration of hardcopy documents and electronic Files 


3. Keep your Documents Safe, Secure and Compliant

vdocs Document Management Software Solutions are compliant with:

  • Banking – FDIC, OCC
  • Telecommunications - Title 47, Part 42
  • Pharmaceutical – FDA Title 21, Part11
  • Healthcare – HIPAA
  • Defense – DOD 5015.2
  • Brokerage Firms – SEC Rule 17a-3 and 17a-4
  • General Business Sarbanes Oxley Act


vdocs offers a full range of different document document management software  and solutions, electronic document management systems, open source document management solutions, content management system, enterprise content management, knowledge management software, electronic records management systems and electronic medical records management solutions.

vdocs Document Management will save you

if you spend more thant $10 - $30 per day managing your documents.  This is only 30-120 minutes per day.  Plus you  get all the benefits of digital documents like
  • never want to manually file a document again
  • never want to manually index paper documents again
  • want to save 50%-95% of your current Filing Cost
  • need to retrieve Documents within seconds
  • need to re-take valuable office space  
  • want to reduce 100% of your for off-site storage cost
  • need to keep your documents organized from the beginning
  • want to be ready for the next hurricanes with all the backups and do not go out of business like the typical 55% of hurricane hit businesses
  • never want to loose a document again
  • need to integrate your Paper documents with electronic Files
  • want to reduce and eliminate time wasting process 
  • Need to be in Compliance with Regulation
  • Finally automate your internal approval processes
  • need to get quickly ready for audits
  • need to Respond to Customers quicker
  • need an automated project / work status notification system
  • No more money spend on File Cabinets
  • Increase your Document Security