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Best Priced Bulk Document Scanning Services



Since 2004, VDOCS has provided top-quality Document and Bulk Scanning Services at the industry's best and lowest prices.

BEST Price Guarantee

Choose from our flexible pricing options:

Box Scanning: $149.00 per box

  • Documents are already boxed up
  • Box size: 15"x12"x10" (regular Bankers Box size)

  • Documents up to 11"x17"


Per Page Scanning: $0.069 per page

  • Approximately 30-50 pages per document

  • Documents up to 11"x17" (Business, Medical, Legal, etc.)

  • Minimal staples

  • Document packing included

  • Boxes provided


Customized Pricing: $0.05 to $0.15 per scan

  • Larger projects, special handling, special indexing, post-prep (re-stapling), on-site scanning, DMS integration, etc.

  • Pricing based on labor and your custom requirements

Pricing Your Scanning Project


Box Scanning:

  • Multiply the number of boxes by $149 to get the estimated cost.


Per Page Scanning:

  • Each inch of records is about $10, a foot of records is about $120.

  • Measure your records in linear feet and multiply by $120 for the estimated cost (allow ±10% for pricing variations)

VDOCS: No Hidden Costs, No Surprise Charges

We adhere to custom-agreed pricing that includes all required services for your scanning project. Unlike others that may appear cheaper initially, we ensure there are no hidden costs or surprise charges.

VDOCS Document Scanning Includes


  • Total Cost Transparency: You only pay for the final pages, excluding blank pages


  • Pickup for larger jobs in Florida

  • Document packing and labeling

  • Inventory of picked-up documents

  • Document preparation and indexing

  • Scanning in Color and B/W

  • 300 DPI resolution for documents, 400 DPI for drawings, 1,200 DPI for photos

  • Blank page elimination and correct image orientation

  • OCR conversion to full-text searchable PDF files

  • Quality control at every step

  • Delivery of scanned electronic files

  • Document return (local) or certified destruction

  • Need a File we have not scanned: we prioritize, requires proper labeling

  • Audit file for validation of scanned images (totall Transparency)

How VDOCS Achieves the Lowest Price in the Industry


Efficient Processes:

  • Streamlined operations and processes reduce costs without sacrificing quality. By eliminating waste and improving efficiency, we provide high-quality services at a lower cost.


  • Heavy investment in process automation and custom software development streamlines scanning processes, lowering production costs while maintaining high standards.

Economies of Scale:

  • Large-volume projects benefit from optimized workflows, reducing operational costs.

Strategic Sourcing:

  • Owning our equipment and developing our custom software ensures high quality at low costs.

Lean Management:

  • Continuous improvement and waste minimization maintain quality while reducing costs.

Quality Improvement:

  • Constant quality improvement ensures a balance between high-quality services and low costs. As Edward Deming said, “Quality is the reduction of waste,” we strive to optimize every aspect of our delivery.

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