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Transform Paper Records into Digital Assets for Enhanced Workflow and Management

Maintaining paper-based construction, manufacturing, and engineering records can be challenging, especially when dealing with large-format and oversized drawings. These documents are difficult to share and access regularly. Partnering with a professional document scanning and management service can significantly improve document workflows and overall organizational performance.

Benefits of Document Scanning for Manufacturing and Construction 

Scanning blueprints and architectural drawings requires specialized technology and flatbed scanners to produce accurate digital versions. The process can become even more complex with multiple revisions or versions of a file. VDOCS offers expert document scanning and management services that can help streamline your projects by converting large-format records, such as blueprints, maps, and drawings, into digital files. These digital documents can be easily accessed, updated, and shared from any device, anywhere.

Types of Files We Scan

VDOCS helps construction, design, and manufacturing-related businesses simplify their document retrieval and approval processes. We can digitally transform almost any document, making it secure and easy to share, regardless of format. Our services also extend to aging files stored on microfilm or microfiche. Documents we digitize include:

  • Engineering drawings
  • Architectural renderings
  • Blueprint drawings
  • Circuitry diagrams
  • CAD files
  • Topographic maps
  • Building plans or drawings
  • Specifications manuals and spec books
  • Change bulletins, supplemental instructions, or change orders
  • Supporting documents
  • Permits and more

In addition to large-format drawings and plans, we convert regularly used business documents into a searchable document management system, including:

  • Business records
  • Employee records
  • Material safety data sheets
  • Records for OSHA compliance
  • Equipment safety records
  • Employee training records

VDOCS offers a seamless document conversion process tailored to your needs, providing numerous benefits:

Faster Approvals, Management, and Bid Preparation

Digital documents, especially large-format files, streamline the bidding process. Scanned images can be integrated into a cloud-based storage system for efficient contract, construction, or bid management. With OCR (optical character recognition) software, finding the right files is quick and easy, ensuring accurate change orders and billing. Avoid duplicate drawings and missed opportunities by keeping your documents correctly filed and easily accessible.

Immediate Access to Building Plans, Codes, and Permits

Digitized documents provide quick access during unexpected or last-minute inspections. With all approved plans, codes, and building permits at your fingertips, you can respond to any questions promptly. Our services simplify final inspections and walk-throughs by building inspectors, fire marshals, or health departments, ensuring a smoother construction process.

Increased Blueprint Security

Large blueprints and models can be difficult to secure. By uploading scanned images to cloud storage, you enhance document security and control access. Our redaction services allow you to black out sensitive information for specific users, ensuring your database is safely archived and backed up daily. Protect your original paper files from natural disasters and other threats.

Easy Compliance and Safety Management

Construction and manufacturing companies must adhere to strict regulatory and safety requirements. Digital document conversions prevent work stoppages due to missing paperwork by ensuring all safety records, manuals, and files are current and easily accessible. Indexed documents allow for instant retrieval, maintaining compliance effortlessly.

VDOCS provides large-format scanning services for the construction, design, and manufacturing industries, helping you manage and organize your documents better. Our document management and conversion services make updating and distributing large files easy. Regardless of the size or quantity of your documents, we ensure the highest quality, most secure, and efficient scans possible.

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