QUALITY Photo Scanning Process

Your Photos are your memories and the stories of your life. We treat your pictures and photos as what they are: Your most precious treasures. 

We developed a custom Photo-Scan-Process to achieve highest image quality with productivity and lowest cost. We achieve these goals by using a powerful combination of Best in Class Technology with Efficient Processes and Quality Control Processes.

You get the best digital reproduction of your photos.

Hand Scanning on Production Scanners

Highes Quality - Productivity - Hand Scanning

Each image is safely scanned by hand, and the image quality is immediately checked. This provides highes quality for each scanned image. VDOCS is only using high end production color scanners that optimize the image quality of each individually photo scan. This allows for VDOCS to combine the handling of all your photos by hand and the producviity of production scanning. 

1,200 DPI is our standard Scanning Resolution.  1,200 DPI is 16 times higher than 300 DPI, which is used by most competitors.

VDOCS Photo Scan and Color Correction

Original Scan Quality:

Our scanners have powerful image control software to reproduce images as close as possible to the original. All Images are being scanning wiht an sRGB (standard Red Green Blue) Color Profile. This scan setting is the common standard to scan and reproduce provide most detail in your scans.

Color Corrected Scans:

For images the correct term for Colro Correction is Color Balance.  This is the global adjustment of the intensities of colors. The goal is to render, adjsut specific neutral colors correctly. Color Balance changes the overall mixture of colors to correct the neutrals. In addtiion today we like to see stronger contracts, brigher and sharper images.  By applying Color Correction or Color Balance the original scan will be modified.

get both, the original Scans PLus the Color Corrected Images

VDOCS will provide you a set of all photos as Color Corrected Images for your viewing.  In addition we provide you a set of the original sRGB scans.  These scans appear to look ligher and have less contract, but they contain more detail if you want ot re-do color adjustment with different color balance profiles. 


One word about Digital Photo Image Quality

Color quality and image appearance is subjective. Our goal is to re-produce the digital image as close as possible to the original photo. When you transfer a photo to a digital copy and open the digital image on two different computer screen or different phones you will see differences in the image. This is a result that each phone and computer monitor looks different. Our Scanning stations are constanly calibrated to match the sRGB color Space as close as possible to provide as much detail as possible.

VDOCS Photo Scan Resolution

Our default photo scan resolution is 1,200 x 1,200 DPI x 24 bit color depth for images up to 8" x 6". This is 4 to 16 higher resolution that most other scanning companies. Other services scan with only 300 x 300 or 600 x 600 DPI. The problem is that with this resolution you cannot enlarge the image without really loosing image quality and seeing the pixels. Today most images, photos are displayed on TV, Computer, Phones, Tablets and you want to zoom into the detail.  Also scanning a 5 x 3 photo with 300 DPI only gets you 1.5K resolution. Today's TV are 4K and getting better.  

A VDOCS Scanned 5 x 3 photo with 1,200 DPI get you 6K resolution.  A 8" x 6" VDOCS scanned Photo wtih 1,200 DPI is whopping 10K resolution, Yes 10K.  Your VDOCS scanned photos are ready for current display technology and for the next generation. Why settle for the past?

VDOCS Photo Color Correction

Color Correction is always included.

With VDOCS photo scanning services we color correct each image. Regardless of the age of your photograph VDOCS color correction will provide you a sharp contrast rich image. 

VDOCS Photo Scan Image Correction

This is perfect if you have old b/w or gray scale images. VDOCS color correction unleashes the detail of your image. Color Correction for Photo scanning.

VDOCS Photo Orientation Correction

Yes, we put your image in the correct orientation

No extra charge. Provide us the photos as they are. VDOCS scans and corrects the orientation. All included!

VDOCS Correct Photo Image Orientation


When you compare other services, make sure this is included. Nothing is worse than receiving your photos upside down or paying extra. Why?

With VDOCS: Its Included!

VDOCS Photo Scan Capabilities

Small Photo from 0.5" to 0.5" to large Photos up to 11.5" x 17.2"

Loose Photos

Photo Albums with take out image and / or glued images, with or without sheet protectors

Scrap Books or Larger Images with pages up to 11.5" x 17"

35 mm slides and negatives


In additon to photos, VDOCS we helped companies and individuals to go completely paperless. We scanned all their photos, personal documents, wide format documents, slides and organzied them digitally for them. 

VDOCS Photo Naming and Indexing

Receive your organized and indexed scans

No extra charge. Please take the time to organzie the photos before we scan for you. This is easier and faster than you re-naming the scans later. Put a name tag with your Photos, place in ziplock bag or wrap with rubber bands. We do the rest and scan your photos with your chosen File Name.

VDOCS Photo Naming Indexing

You receive your scans organized and indexed with your requested file name. It's that Easy.

With VDOCS: Its Included!

Get your Scans on DVDs, FlashDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive

Receive two sets of DVD's

Need immediate access to your scans? No problem. We can share the scans via Dropbox, Box or Google Drive with you. This provides immediate access to the photos and you don't have to wait for the DVD's and photos to arrive.

Get always 2 sets of DVD's. The two sets of DVD's are included in the pricing.

Flash Drives or additional DVDs are extra.


Receive the original RGB Scans:


VDOCS provides Color Correction for the scans. But any color correction changes the original RGB image. VDOCS provides you both, the original RGB scans  and the color corrected images.In case at one point you like to select certain images for adjsutments, this provides you the option to do so. Using the original is better than using the color corrected but better looking image.

Need your Scans Super Quick

Life Happens

You need your scans ASAP.

Urgent jobs are normally less than 500 images and we can adjust our production schedule to meet a quick turn around time.  There is a $25 surcharge.

To provide you the scans immediately after completion we would share the images via Dropbox or GoogleDrive. This saves you the return shipping time and you get the scans instantly after they are completed.


Easy Order Process 

Before you Order:

  • Name and Label your stacks of Photos
  • Estimate of amount of Images will do


How to Order:

  • Fill out online Order Form
  • Pack Photos in Box
  • Ship Box to VDOCS
  • After receiving we will confirm the arrival of your photos


Process Updates

  • You receive start date for your photo sanning
  • Estimation for Scan Duration
  • Notification of Completion
  • Detail about of amound of scanned Images


Receive Scan via Dropbox or Google Drive:

  • Receive link of scanned images



  • Invoice amount is based on actual scans
  • You receive invoice in email
  • Secure on-line payment (no credit card over the phone)


Return Shipment:

  • Return Ground Shipping is INCLUDED
  • You receive tracking number