Automated Indexing Services - Indexing Solutions


Wwith vdocs automated document indexing services and document conversion services you gain all the information from the document and turn them into digital information. Document Indexing can be performed from hardcopy and digital documents.



To index and name your documents correctly is the key to

• retrieve the information from the documents
• integrate the scanned document into your document management system
• search for all document information within seconds



vdocs integrates your documents into almost any document management system

or just for your stand alone PC. Regardless what your current or futures solution will be, vdocs will integrate your documents.

• indexing scanning services
• database document conversion services
• data base indexing
• free document indexing solutions
• forms capture and indexing services



As Examples, depending on your requirements we index your documents for:

  • based on date
  • up to first 250+ characters of your document
  • increment
  • barcode
  • data entered (index sheet, document name, e-mail, meta data etc.)
  • Document Indexing with automated ODBC connection
  • creation of searchable PDFs for submission to almost any document management system
  • Batch Scanning: Each page of a batch can becomes a single PDF
  • Auto Separator: multi-page documents can be scanned together as a single batch
  • ODBC connection to your e.g. client database almost completely automates the file name and indexing process
  • or the traditional manual indexing process.



The vdocs indexing process enables to provide correct and automated document indexing in less time. 


This reduces your cost and you receive documents indexed for your requirements as the lowest possible price.