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Since 2004 VDOCS has offered Document Scanning Services at the highest quality for the best, lowest price in the Industry.

Cost for Document Scanning

As scanning is labor-intensive the cost per scan is equivalent to the amount of labor. For example, if we scan 1,000 pages as one document (incl. naming or indexing) this is much faster than scanning 100 documents (incl naming or indexing) with 10 pages each. 

The average price ranges from $0.05 to $0.10 per scan, depending on the required labor.

The average Business Document with about 20-50 pages per document and not too many staples would be about $0.069 per image

A Bankers Box (15"x12"x10") with about 2,200 pages at $0.069 per scan, would cost about $150.

The idea that low cost and high quality are contradictory is a common misconception. While there may be instances where cutting costs leads to a reduction in quality, it's possible to achieve both low cost and high quality through careful planning, efficiency, and innovation.

Here are a few ways in which VDOCS offers document scanning services at low cost with the highest quality:

Efficient Processes: Streamlining operations and processes reduces costs without sacrificing quality. By eliminating waste and improving efficiency, VDOCS produces high-quality services at a lower cost. As E. Deming famously said: "...quality is the reduction of waste".

Innovation: VDOCS invests heavily in process automation and developed software that streamlines the scanning and production process. This leads to lower production costs while maintaining or even improving quality. Finding new and more cost-effective ways is what we do daily.

Economies of Scale: Higher Volume Scanning Projects are offered at a lower price. Using the learning curve we can reduce the cost of operations by optimizing the workflow for larger projects. 

Strategic Sourcing: VDOCS equipment is fully owned and most production software is custom-developed to deliver the highest quality at the lowest cost. 

Lean Management: Adopting lean management principles involves minimizing waste, optimizing processes, and continually improving efficiency. This ongoing process of improvement allows VDOCS to reduce cost reductions while maintaining or improving the quality.

VDOCS uses constant quality improvement to find the balance between high-quality services at a low cost. Overall we know, it's possible to achieve synergies between cost reduction and quality improvement.

Included in VDOCS "per scan" Pricing or "Per Box" Scanning:

VDOCS "per Scan" charge includes all required services for your Document Scanning Project or job. The pricing is completely transparent and you only pay for the actual scans. 

  • Florida: Pick-up for larger jobs 
  • We pack your records in boxes (for larger jobs) and label
  • Document Inventory at VDOCS
  • Document Preparation
  • Document Indexing
  • Scanning of Color Pages as Color ad BW pages as BW
  • 300 DPI Resolution for Documents, 400 DPI resolution for Drawings, 1,200 DPI scanning for Photos
  • Elimination of Blank Pages, Correct Image Orientation
  • OCR - Conversion to Full-Text Searchable PDF Files for Documents and Drawings
  • Quality Control at every step of the Document Conversion 
  • Delivery of scanned electronic Files
  • Document Return or Certified Document Destruction
  • Audit Files for File Validation and import scanned records into your DMS or database

Document Priority: If you need a document while it is in the scanning Process, we will prioritize this file for you ASAP.

Total Cost Transparency

One Per-Scan or Per-Box Scan charge that includes all required services

Be Aware of Hidden Costs or special charges for

  • Document Preparation, Indexing, and
  • Filing Data Migration or even
  • OCR.

In most cases what looks "cheaper" ends up costing more.

We hate costly surprises and VDOCS provides you a Per scan Charge that includes all required services - NO Surprises!

How to Price the Scanning Job or Scanning Project:

How many pages do you need to be scanned?

Count the number of boxes (15"x12"x10"). If the Records are in file drawers, or file cabinets measure the total linear footage of your records in inch. Divide the linear footage inch by 15 and you get the amount of 15"x12"x10" boxes.

Multiply the number of boxes by 2,200 for normal records or 2,500 (if more two-sided records) to get an estimate of your total pages

50 Boxes would be between 110,000 - 125,000 pages.

The amount of labor to provide a complete project depends on:

Document Preparation includes removing staples, rubber bands, and other fasteners from your records, and akten out of folders or binders.

Document Assembly: Do you need the records to be re-stapled, and put back together or put back in their original folders/binders

File Naming / Indexing

On-site scanning is normally more expensive and there might be a setup charge 

Integration into your Document Management System

and others...

Box Scanning Pricing:

As an alternative to the per-scan charge, we can offer per-scanning Pricing. 

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