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Information and Support for VDOCS Virtual Mail Room Service & Mail Management:


+ Expense Report

+ Receipt Scanning

+ Mail Scan Service

+ Check Deposit Service

+ Document Scanning



You Win:

Time to focus on your business instead of your paperwork

IRS compliant Scans of all your Receipts

Easy share information with your CPA, co-worker

Never lose a document again

Easy Access through Google Docs with your Google Account

Always updated Software and Mobile Apps

Easy Personal Backup of your documents

Search for any typed information in your Documents

Easy Pricing Structure

Best Priced Service in Industry

You chose your Shipping method

Complete Service Offering

No waiting for your deposited checks

Free or dirt cheap data storage




Set up your Expense Receipts Scanning Service Account:


Fill out the New Customer Form below on this Page

After setting up your Account we will e-mail you with your Account Number

Documents that are stapled count as one multipage document

Mail your Expense Receipts to 

VDOCS Corporation

Attn: Receipts Scanning / Your Name or Business Name

7470 141st Street

Seminole, FL 33776


Set up your Scan Mail - Virtual Mailroom Service Account:


1.Authorization for VDOCS to receive and open your Mail:

Download USPS Form 1583

Form need to be Filled out and Notarized

Send us filled out original Form.  

Without this Form we are not allowed to open your Mail.

We also require a copy of your ID (Valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card, Recognized corporate ID (your work ID), Student ID,  Passport, alien registration card (aka “green card”), certificate of naturalization)


How to Fill our Form 1583

 The form is broken down into 3 sections

1. CMRA information

2. Mailbox and Owner Information

3. Optional business information, if one exists.


Box 4 is already Filled out by VDOCS Corp

Box 2: Your full name that VDOCS will be receiving Mail for.

Box 3: Your new Address we provided for you when you signed up with us.

Box 5: Sign this to authorize us to receive restricted delivery mail on your behalf.

Boxes 6-7: The person who is applying for this mailbox. Normally, this is the same as the person who is receiving mail for this mailbox. Be sure to include a phone number where you can be reached.

Box 8: Write down the two IDs that you will use to proof your identity and the ID numbers. One of them must have a photo of you. A list of acceptable IDs are listed at the end of this article.

Box 16: Sign this form

Optional Business Information

If you are linking a business to your mailbox, fill out Boxes 9-14. Most boxes are self-explanatory except for a few that are clarified below:

Boxes 10a-10e: Your business contact information. You may use your business mailing address or registered agent address as well. Use your home address if it’s a home business. This information is only for us and USPS and is not available to others.

Box 11: What services your business provides, such as “Market Research”, “Consumer Products”, “Clothing”, etc.

Notarize Form 1583.  Notary should sign in Box 15 of the form or provide a certification on a separate paper.



2. Change of Address - Option

Online USPS Change of Address

Or go to your local Post Office and ask for Change of Address Form 3575 

Allow 7 - 10 Busines days for forwarded Mail to arrive at VDOCS

USPS Change of Address Information and FAQ


3. Provide your new Mailing Address:

Choose how should send mail to your new VDOCS address



Set up your Check Scan- Remote Deposit Account:

Together we need to contact your Bank 

You authorize VDOCS to make check deposits to your account

Note: VDOCS will not have access to your account, we are only authorized to make remote check deposits.



Terms and Conditions for the Scan Mail Services;




Next Steps:


Scan Mail - Receipt Scan - Check deposit Overview


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