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HIPAA Compliant Scanning

Reliable and Quality Conversion of your Medical Records, following HIPAA Privacy Processes.

Best Conversion Pricing

VDOCS provides high-quality conversion at the most competitive pricing with custom conversion options.

Experience in Medical Records Conversion

VDOCS has vast experience converting your complete medical records.

EMR / EHR Integration

Depending on your EMR/EHR Vendor we can integrate or help you integrate your medical records into your EMR/EHR

Medical Records Scanning Testimonials

"The new way of filing records saves us so much time. And it is so easy to find anything now."


"Your service is great!  EOB's are now very easy to locate and we print the documents we need. Thank you for the great customer service."


"Thank you for taking the time to pull the charts while you are scanning our records. We needed them for our patient appointments. "


"The bookmarks in the historical charts make it very easy to identify the sections. And we only need to upload one file into the EMR."

VDOCS Medical Records Scanning

Medical Records Scanning Specialist

As a medical records scanning specialist, VDOCS understands the intricacies of medical practices, especially when it comes to managing medical records. Our goal is to provide your medical business with innovative, cost-effective, and productive scanning solutions that make document filing and medical records maintenance easy and efficient.

At VDOCS, we take HIPAA compliance seriously, and we only work with medical records under the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. We have extensive experience in properly handling medical records, ensuring that they remain secure and confidential at all times.

In medical practice, each time a patient receives healthcare services, a record or document of the intervention and treatment outcome is produced, which needs to be maintained. With a large number of patients and a high volume of documents, it can be challenging to file them properly based on various filing techniques.

That's where VDOCS comes in. We have developed a closed-loop process for medical records scanning that provides you with a secure and comprehensive solution that you can trust to get the job done. We have pioneered several options for medical records scanning that are still unique in the industry.

With VDOCS, you can streamline your medical records management and increase productivity. Our scanning solutions provide you with easy access to your medical records, allowing you to focus on what matters most: providing high-quality care to your patients.

Contact VDOCS today to learn more about our medical records scanning services and how we can help your medical practice save time and money while ensuring HIPAA compliance.

VDOCS Quality Medical Records Scanning Process 


  • Packing Your Medical Records
  • Receiving and Inventory of Your Medical Records
  • Document Preparation and Scanning
  • Scanning Technology
  • Quality Control
  • Indexing
  • Conversion to Full Text searchable PDF with OCR
  • Creation of Document Types as Bookmarks
  • File Prioritization (get a chart you need asap)
  • Certified Document Destruction
  • Audit of Scanned Records
  • Pricing based on actual scans 



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