Medical Records Scanning Specialist 


vdocs as a medical records specialist is fully compliant with HIPAA guidelines.  We only work with medical records under the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. 

We have the experience on how to handle properly medical records. Each time a patient receives a health care service, you produce a record or document of the intervention and treatment outcome that needs to be maintained. The medical record needs to be organized with all other documentation for future use. Many medical practices see a large amount of patients and produce a large amount of documents. The documents then need to be filed properly based on the various filing techniques.  

vdocs as medical records scanning specialist is well acquainted with the aspects of your medical practice, especially medical records.  Our business is provide you medical business innovative, cost effective and productive scanning solutions to make the document filing and medical records maintenance easy and efficient. 



Back File Scanning EOB's Superbills Daily Reports etc

Next to the Patient Charts that needs to be integrated with the Patient Record,  your practice produces many more documents that also should be paperless.
vdocs as medical records specialist established very cost effective processes to convert these documents into digital records.  The Benefit of having all these records as electronic documents are very significant:
  • In case of audits you can pull records in seconds to minutes instead of searching in boxes of paper.  
  • EOB:  Medicare EOB need to be kept for the longest time instead of a few years for Insurance EOB's.
  • Work Insurance claims with electronic documents is much faster than paper based documents
By going 100% Paperless with all medical and Patients records you can react to all requests much faster, eliminate all your paper storage space and reduce overall cost.


Back File Scanning into your EMR EHR

  • Need to integrate paper patient chats into your EMR/EHR
  • Need to get patient charts quickly into your EMR / EHR?
  • Need affordable document conversion?

vdocs manages the entire process of integrating the patient records into the EMR system. By using the vdocs autoINDEX>autoFILER process we normally completely automate the indexing process. The scanned images are being automatically filed automatically into the EMR EHR system.

By using our unique automation features, vdocs can offer this service very efficient and affordable.

As a turnkey solution vdocs takes care of the

  • entire process of scanning,
  • indexing and
  • filing into your EMR EHR,
  • or we show you how to do the scanning yourself

You do not need to reinvent the process, hire and train personal and worry on how to get your documents efficient and cost effective into your EMR system.

vdocs has the expertise to manage the entire back file scanning indexing and filing process.



Handle with great Care

Your medical records are your business asset and they need to be converted with great care.  vdocs established the Medical-Records-Scanning-Process that insures proper and complete conversion.  The integrity of the medical record is key.  vdocs takes several steps beyond a typical scanning company by providing:

  • Visual validation of each scanned image
  • Image Correction to maximize quality
  • Correction of image orientation of all scans
  • Converting of all scanned images to full text searchable PDF files
  • Transfer and Validating of complete record to Client Computer
  • Validating that records are transferred into EMR EHR system

vdocs is able to convert your medical records into digital patient charts at one of the most aggressive prices in the industry.  Quality does not have to be expensive and in most cased vdocs is less expensive and offers much higher qualtiy than in-house scanning.





Medical Records Integration

Quality Scanning Medical Records

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