HIPAA Compliant Records Scanning

Medical Records Scanning Service

EMH EHR integration

HIPAA Compliant Scanning

Reliable and Quality Conversion of your medical Records, following HIPAA Privacy Processes.

Best Conversion Pricing

VDOCS provides highes quality converion at the most competitive pricing with custom conversion options.


Experience in Medical Conversion

VDOCS has vast experience converting your complete medical records.

EMR / EHR Integration

Depending on your EMR/EHR Vendor we can integrate or help you integrate your medical records into your EMR/EHR

VDOCS Medical Records Scanning Testimonials

"The new way of filing records saves us so much time. And it is so easy to find anything now."

Laura R.

"Your service is great!  EOB's are now very easy to locate and we print the documents we need. Thank you for the great customer service."

Margaret A.

"Thank you for taking the time to pull the charts while you are scanning our records. We needed them for our patient appointments. "

tracey K.

"The bookmarks in the historic charts makes is very easy to identify the sections. And we only need to upload one file into the EMR."

debbie K.

United States Photo Scanning ServiceOur Medical Records Scanning Services is done in Florida, USA!

"No need to look any further, except if you want to spend more."

Medical Records Scanning Specialist

VDOCS as medical records scanning services specialist is well acquainted with the aspects of the medical practice, especially medical records.  Our business is to provide your medical business innovative, cost effective and productive scanning solutions to make the document filing and medical records maintenance easy and efficient.

We only work with medical records under the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement. We have the experience on how to properly handle medical records. Each time a patient receives a health care service, you produce a record or document of the intervention and treatment outcome that needs to be maintained. Many medical practices see a large amount of patients and produce a large amount of documents. The documents then need to be filed properly based on the various filing techniques.  

For medical records scanning VDOCS developed our close loop process to provide you a secure and comprehensive solution you can trust to get the job done. VDOCS pioneered several options for medical records scanning that are still unique in the industry.

VDOCS Quality Medical Records Scanning Process 

Packing the Medical Records

in Boxes with correct labeling. Our staff will work with your practice to manage the packaing, boxing and transportation of your records to the VDOCS Scanning facility. The labeled boxes are put into the VDOCS document inventory system. 

Receive and Inventory

of Medical Records: The received boxes are validated to the boxes that are in the VDOCS inventory system. 

Document Preparation and Document Scanning

VDOCS integrated these two steps into one. The benefit of combining these two processes in one is that VDOCS provides highest possible document integrity. By knowing the original, the scan operator knows the best way to generate the best possible electronic reproduction of the original.

Scanning Technology

VDOCS uses the latest available scanning systems, scanning software and computers to provide the most productive document conversion. All our scanning systems are top of the line production scanners that can handle pretty much any kind of media. We normally scan in a mixed Color/BW mode and always scan every document as two sided. This process provides you the security and confirmation that no information is missing.


Each document with its images are quality controlled. The remaining blank pages will be removed. Each image is validated for readability. The image orientation will be corrected that you can view and read the images in the correct orientation. Images that do not meet the quality will be rescanned.


Before any scanning project we need to agree on the required indexing information. The documents can be named by Last Name, First Name, DOB, Patient ID Number and other required information you need to identify and search for the documents. Many times we use the demographics data information you already have in your practice management system. If the data can be made available, this will improve and speed up the indexing process. 

Conversion to Full Text Searchable PDF Files - OCR 

VDOCS Searchable PDF files OCR

VDOCS uses its top of the line conversion software autoINDEX autoFILER to convert the scans into full text searchable OCRd' PDF files. The text within the PDF becomes searchable. You can search for keywords or content within the typed content of your records. 


Sections or Bookmarks in Chart

VDOCS Bookmark in Medical Record

Medical records are normally organized by the different sections, like Progress Notes, Insurance, Referrals etc. For larger charts we normally provide the patient record as one full text searchable PDF file but that also contains the sections or bookmarks within the PDF file. The navigation through the chart becomes very easy and productive. You can search the entire medical record using thumbnail, bookmarks and keywords quickly and easy.


File Prioritizing

If a patient that we have the record comes into your practice and VDOCS is in the process of scanning your medical records. What then? Normally patients set up appointment in advance. You provide us a list of the patients that come in and we would prioritize the scanning of these patient charts and provide you the electronic medical records. This requires the medical charts in boxes to be labeled a organzied correctly, that we can find the specific records.

EMR / EHR Integration

Unfortunately many EMR companies do not pay attention how much time a medical practice spends importing documents into the EMR / EHR. VDOCS worked with a several EMR companies to automatically import scanned records into the Electronic Medical Records System. Scanned records and ongoing records are automatically transferred as correct document type to the correct patient record. This process is automated and saves medical offices about 50% to 90% of electronic filing time. But many EMR vendors do not see a need to provide productive document routing methods and require the practice to spend a huge amount of time transferring chart by chart into the EMR. In summary if your EMR company allows the automatic import of charts we would be able to help you setting up this time saving process.

Certified Document Destruction

After an agreed period of time, VDOCS would have the documents certified destroyed. VDOCS does not do shredding or document destruction services. Our partner PROSHRED Security is providing this services with their On-Site secure shredding services. After you provide us the OK to have the documents destroyed, PROSHRED Security would then On-Site destroy, shred the documents. After this is completed you receive a Certficate fo Destruction

Final Image Count - Audit Report

VDOCS Image Count AuditVDOCS audit reports provide complete transparency about the final image volume. After VDOCS scans your medical records, all pages in each document will be counted with our document audit software. The PDF files will be checked and we generates a report with the File Name, the amount of pages and the document size. We base our billing on the final images that are in the documents, not the amount of scans that took it to get there.


VDOCS would provide you a cost per scan pricing that includes all required services to convert your medical records into electronic charts. There are no surprises, there is no hidden cost. The final prices is the final amount of images multiplied with the cost per scan, based on the document audit report. The pricing depends on the required services. Scanning is a labor intense service.

Historically the pricing for medical records is between $0.04 to $0.07 per image, and in some instances was above $0.10 per image.

A few questions that can help determining the price for the scanning services:
- How many boxes of charts do you need scanned? Or you can measure the linear footage of the records in your shelves.
- The average amount of pages per charts. (Note: We know it varies a lot, but the first guess is normally the best guess).
- How are the charts organized? Metal fastener, etc.?
- How many sections, document types do you have per chart?
- Guesstimated amount of two sided pages in percent?
- Are there many staples in the charts?
- What turn-around time do you need?