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VDOCS Corporation offers comprehensive document scanning and conversion services to customers nationwide.

Based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida covering South Florida, Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca-Raton, West Palm Beach

We cater to a wide range of clients seeking high-quality imaging solutions. Our team of experts specializes in preparation, scanning, indexing, and formatting to ensure that your documents are accurately digitized.

Low Cost of Scanning

The idea that low cost and high quality are contradictory is a common misconception. While there may be instances where cutting costs leads to a reduction in quality, it's possible to achieve both low cost and high quality through careful planning, efficiency, and innovation. VDOCS uses constant quality improvement to find the balance between high-quality services at a low cost. Overall we know, it's possible to achieve synergies between cost reduction and quality improvement.

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Quality of Scanning

We understand that document imaging requires a combination of complex skills, including speed, precision, attention to detail, cleanliness, and quality document controls.

That's why we leverage advanced automation and technology to provide you with the best imaging services and image quality possible. Our OCR technology is unparalleled and delivers incredibly accurate results, even on color scans. With full-text indexing, keywords, and bookmarking, you can easily access the information and content within your VDOCS scanned searchable PDF documents.

At VDOCS, we are committed to delivering the highest quality scanning at an affordable cost. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free experience and fast turnaround times, ensuring that your documents are delivered to you in a timely manner.

In summary, VDOCS Corporation is your go-to source for professional and reliable document scanning services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your document management processes.

When you need your document scanned, but cannot leave your facility, VDOCS On-Site Document Scanning Service is a great option to convert your records professionally with high quality.

With VDOCS Onsite Document Scanning Services you will have all your documents scanned and converted at your location.  As an experienced On-Site Scanning Service provider, VDOCS brings the full services to your location.

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VDOCS Document Scanning, Document Imaging, and Conversion of Documents turns hard copy documents into electronic Files. Digitizing of documents from small slips like receipts to large format scanning of drawings.  Instead of your hard copies piling up, let VDOCS help your organization with document processing to go paperless. Our Document Conversion Services digitize your paper-based documents into usable full-text searchable OCR PDF file or other file formats, like TIFF, JPG, ...

Secure Medical, Patient Records, and Chart Scanning under HIPAA compliance is a key requirement to effectively use EMR and EHR systems. If you need a chart that is in our custody, we and get you the electronic record ASAP. With VDOCS Chart prioritization we will prioritize the scanning of a required patient chart and provide it to you electronically.

Confidentiality of Patient Information, Quality in processed and image conversion, Accuracy in complete document imaging, and Value built the foundation for a successful EHR project. 

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VDOCS Provides complete legal, litigation document scanning, and imaging services for your legal documents. Image scanning services help law firms go paperless to support litigation support services and litigation solutions with digital law documents.

Documents will be converted to full-text searchable PDF files and/or Load Files for eDiscovery Solutions and legal document management software. VDOCS created very accurate OCR in Searchable PDF and Loadfiles and even supports high-quality OCR on color images.

Bates Numbering Service, Bates Stamping Services, and Software of Electronic Document.

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VDOCS Blueprint and Large Format Scanning Services convert your blueprints and engineering and construction drawings into high-quality digital documents like PDF or Tiff of JPG images.  

The scans will be indexed by Drawing Number and combined in a PDF file with Bookmarks, Chapters

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Save your treasures. Scan your photos and keep the memories.  VDOCS's Highest Quality Photo Scanning Service offers 1,200 DPI as standard scan resolution.

Our scan quality is not just 4K, we scan up to 10K. Best pricing for the highest quality Photo Scanning Service. Scan my Photos? VDOCS is the right place.

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AR / AP Document Scanning

BPO, Mail Scanning Services

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