Mortgage and Title Documents

Scanned Mortage Files offer you the benefit of increased security and reduced office space.  Plus the Benefit of accessing all documents per mouse click within seconds. vdocs solution scans every page of your closed files, convert them into searchable PDF's.
Benefits for your Mortgage Company or Title Office include:  
  • Loan Sale: To provide better service and differentiate yourself digital documents offer you some major advantage.  The option to provide closed loan files in a searchable PDF file format makes it easy to transfer the loan to the secondary market.  Information can be found easily with keywords in seconds.
  • Servicing:  In many cases you need to refer back to the original loan file.  Accessing the documents from your PC you can provide immediate information.  This increases customer satisfaction and reduces your cost
  • Legal:  Example Foreclosures:  Many lenders have to go back and image archived loans. If the loan is quickly accessible and the all paperwork is included the lender has a better chance of success during the foreclosure proceedings. In many cases judgements are filed against mortgage companies, because they can not reproduce the original note.
  • Cost:  Space is expensive, paper is expensive, looking for information in several hundred pages loan files is expensive.  Adding everything this costs you a fortune.



vdocs converts your closed Mortgage Files to Full Text searchable PDF files.  

View your files and search for keywords within seconds.



Mortgage File Scanning:

vdocs makes the process for scanning your mortgage files very easy:

  • Provide of Boxes to collect your close Mortgage Files
  • Periodic Pick up of boxes
  • Scanning of Mortgage Files to PDF files
  • Transfer for PDF Files to your computer system
  • Return of Hardcopy files or certificed document Destruction



vdocs Quality Scanning Process:

vdocs Scanning Process includes:

  • Document Preparation
  • Removal of Staples
  • Scanning of Documents
  • Automatic Cropping for correct image size
  • Quality Control
  • Removal of Blank Pages
  • Correct Image Orientation
  • Assembly of Documents back in Folder
  • Indexing per agreed criteria like: Loan Number, Last Name, First Name, Address
  • Conversion of Files to Full Text Searchable PDF Files



File Prioritizing:

In case you need access to certain files, please contact us.  We will prioritize the scanning of this file and provide you the file within a very short time frame.  This give our customers the security of being able to access documents while vdocs provides the scanning services




vdocs offers unbeatable low prices for our high quality mortgage closing file scanning services.

Call 727-501-9800 or e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements to get your closed Mortgage Files scanned