Scanning at your Office

On-Site Document Scanning Service

Keep Control of your Records

Your On-Site Scanning Project

Most of our on-site scanning projects have been in Florida. We converted large scale projects including Wide Format Drawings, Medical Records, Legal Records, and other Business Documents.

Best Pricing Scanning Service

Overall On-Site Scanning is more expensive than scanning at our facility. The project pricing project is based on duration, volume, indexing, document prepartion etc.


Trained Scan Operators

VDOCS has trained personal to meet your on-site document scanning requirements. We have the experience to convert your project, small to large, for blueprint, medical records, legal records, photos or general document scanning.

Set up at your Office

VDOCS would bring in all equipment, scanners, computers at your location to provide complete on-site document scanning and conversion service. Turnkey solution for your specific needs.

VDOCS On-Site Document Scanning Testimonials

"Thank you for the smooth process of scanning our engineering drawings and document at our office. Now that we know we can trust you, we have you scan our ongoing records at your office."

Francis C

"The Great Job getting the quarter million scans in such a short time. The Scans and the Indexing was great. Exactly the way we needed this."

Donna H

"The medical records you scanned came out very good, Thank you for helping us with the records conversion two years in a row. "

Liana N.

"Thank you for the great work and wonderful project management for scanning our 50,000 fragile oversized drawings onsite."

Brandon P

Blueprint Printing - File Transfer, File Upload

To print your blueprints, wide format drawings, please provide us your files in TIFF or PDF format. We use the Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, so what almost everyone is already using. If you like to submit files differently than via E-Mail, Dropbox or Google Drive, Please let us know and we will set this up.


If you need only a few files printed, please send us your files via E-Mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Please provide the paper size you need this printed on and the amount to sets.

Google Drive / Dropbox

For ongoing printing needs or if the files are too large for your E-Mail, we can set up a shared Folder in Dropbox or Google Drive.


On-Site Document Scanning Services


VDOCS provides you complete on-site document scanning services at your location.This includes the entire process from preparation, scanning, indexing, file conversion and document filing.

Scanning and indexing of documents is a data-intensive and labor intensive process. Many businesses cannot  justify the man-power needed to keep up and the capital investment to implement a sufficient document imaging system. vdocs provides all the required people, hardware and software at a flat-fee basis or per image fee and requires no capital expenditures



Considerations for On-Site Scanning Services

  • You Maintain control of your documents.
  • VDOCS On-Site Scanning Services is recommended for documents that are not allowed to leave your facility.
    No Need to box documents: Documents will be retrieved from your storage location for the day of scanning. Immediate access to documents in the scanning process.
  • You have quicker access to your documents. For our offsite scanning services vdocs offers immediate Document Retrieval. After you request a certain document vdocs will prioritize the document and provide you the scanned documents within a very short turn around time.
  • Overall turn-around time: We will set up the scanning team to meet your turn around requirements.
  • Cost: On-Site scanning is more expensive than scanning at our production center.




Determining the best Solution for you

vdocs will work with you to determine the most beneficial solution for your document scanning needs.



Experienced On-Site Scanning Personnel

VDOCS has an experienced team of document scanning personnel available for remote on-site and local scanning projects. If your documents are required to be processed onsite, we will arrange an onsite production team to travel to your location and setup our production document scanning and document conversion solution. 

vdocs supplies all of the software, hardware and personnel required to complete the project on time and correct.
When vdocs brings on-site scanning services to your location, we are using the same professional grade equipment, experienced personnel and reliable processes used at our own conversion center – but at your location.

Why try to add equipment, additional staff and equipment for a short-term requirement when vdocs can have an on-site scanning team set-up in no time?



Contact VDOCS for your On-Site Scanning Needs: