VDOCS Terms and Conditions – Limitation of Liability – Copyright


Following Federal Law we follow the copyrights of all documents, photos, data and require you to comply with these rules. It is illegal to scan and copy copyright protected photos without the permission of the owner of the work.

vdocs corp. protects the copyrights and will not knowingly or intentionally reproduce and scan these materials that is under copyright and you do not have the required permission from the owner of the work.

When you provide us documents, photos, data you agree that you received all required permission from the owner to reproduce, process the supplied items and its work, or that you are the owner of the work. You are either the owner of the work or you have written permission to reproduce the work.

Documents, Photos, data with a copyright symbol (©), or if in any other fashion, the pictures or images are copyrighted and when you do not already own the rights, it is your responsibility to obtain and include with your order a Release Waiver obtained and signed by the photographer. If vdocs corp. does not receive a Release Waiver you confirm that you own the work. You grant vdocs corp. full and absolute permission to duplicate, restore, altered, copy and / or scan the documents, photos, data to complete the work you requested.

With your order from vdocs corp. you agree to release to vdocs corp., its agents, employees and directors of any and all obligations associated with the duplication, reproduction or scanning of the photographic image(s) that are submitted. You also agree that if the work is under copyright, you permit us to print, scan, restore or alter the work under this agreement.

You are responsible for all expenses and cost related to the order and these are paid by you. You and the holder of the copyrights are also responsible for any and all legal expenses and disputes that may occur and arise from the Copyright Indemnification Agreement. With your order you agree to these terms and conditions and that you are either the owner of the work or have permission to copy, scan, reproduce or alter the work. You also agree the grant full permission to vdocs corp. to scan, copy, reproduce, duplicate and / or alter the work. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless vdocs corp., its employees, directors and all agents for all and any liability, damages and expenses. This includes all reasonable and actual attorney fees that may results. This included all claims brought by any other company or person that claims to have an interest in the work or related matter, regardless of legal theory, including violation of statute, your negligence, our breach of this agreement, or otherwise.

With the order you agree to pay vdocs corp. the agreed charges for all services provided by vdocs corp. under this agreement. In the event of a dispute you agree that you are limited to a refund up to the amount of the disputed transaction and no additional incidental, punitive, indirect, consequential negligence or any reason is granted or warranted.

Submitting and work is performed as is. All work is done without fault and hereby disclaims all other warranties and conditions, whether express, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, any (if any) implied warranties, duties or conditions of merchantability, of accuracy or completeness of any provided service

You are not entitled to any damages, consequential damages for any reason or any service provided by vdocs corp. vdocs corp. does not assume any liability, whether lost or damaged by fire, theft, negligence or any other means, for customer supplied materials such as photos, frames, paintings, artwork, any documents, data etc., that are submitted with the orders. vdocs corp. will not assume any responsibility for any loss and/or damage to client's materials while it is transported by the mail, courier or transport companies, nor will vdocs corp be liable for any liability, for damage, loss, delay or irregularity to person or property in connection with any service.

Quality: color quality is subjective. The reproduction, scanning, copying and altering of your work is subjective to the eye of the beholder. We always strive to best quality, but vdocs corp. cannot be held responsible to the dislike of the images. vdocs corp. provides high speed scanning services and not professional or museum like image reproduction. Scans are adjusted to the best and highest quality. The service is “as is” without any warranties whatsoever. By providing us your photographs, documents, data or any other items you understand that you are solely responsible for any damages or loss.

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