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"If I could I'd give it more stars, but that is all they allow. I needed a bate stamping program that would work for me and my office and that would allow more than basics. This bate stamping program, through Vdocs, is just that. I have had some questions and adjustments, the company listened to my needs and tweaked the program to help me make the most of the bate stamping program. I WOULD HIGHLY recommend this program to anyone interested in bate stamping. I have no hesitation to recommend this program." Debbie H., Pennsylvania

PDF Bates Stamping Software

Feature Rich Bates Stamping Software

VDOCS Bates Stamper for PDF Files offers:

  • Custom Bates Stamping
  • Custom Bates Numbering
  • Batch Processing, process multiple files
  • Color Options for Bates Numbers
  • Font Size Options for Bates Stamps
  • Custom Positioning 
  • Preview of Bates Stamp name and location
  • and many more ...

Bates Stamping made Easy

VDOCS PDF Bates Numbering is very easy to use. 

All features are available from one Control screen.  This provides fast and easy batch processing of your Bates Stamping, and Numbering requirements.

Plus the Pre-View option shows you the position and Bates Numbering.


Productive Bates Stamping

Fast Bates Stamping of your PDF Files

  • Automated Batch Processing
  • Process thousand of files in on a batch
  • Custom Bates Numbering
  • Automated backup of source Files

One of the most procutive and fast Bates Stamp, Bates Numberig programs available

Best Priced Bates Stamp Program

After you compare the Bates Stamp Software capabilities you will see that VDOCS PDF Bates Stamper has the best value in the marketplace.

Try our 5-day fully features demo version and you will see how much time this productive software will save you.

PLEASE CONTACT US for more advanced or specialized Bates Stamping needs or requirements.

PDF Bates Stamping Capabilities


  • Renaming Options
  • Add the Page Number to the copied file name
  • Add Page Number to Original File Name
  • Bates Stamps each document separately
  • Rolling Bates Stamp for multiple files in sub Folder
  • Rolling Bates Stamp for multiple files in documents regardless of subfolder
  • Sort in ascending or descending order
  • Digits Only
  • Alphanumeric mode
  • Custom Bates Start Number
  • Custom Padding Options
  • Create Custom Bates Name
  • Change Bates with Custom Bates Name
  • Bates Stamp Alignment
  • Bates stamp font size from 6.5 to 30
  • Custom PDF bates Stamp Color
  • Use Folder Name for bates Stamping
  • Use the date from the Folder Name for Bates Stamp



VDOCS Bates Stamper Configuration




VDOCS Bates Stamper Preview


VDOCS Bates Stamp Software Development


VDOCS developed the PDF Bates Stamping software years ago based on the need of our medical and legal scanning services customers. We looked for available bates stamping software, but could not find a package that offers the flexibility and versatility that was required by all of our customers. 

Automated Backup. This was missing in most PDF bates stamp packages and can get you in real trouble.  VDOCS PDF Bates Stamper automatically creates a backup of all bates stamped files.

Initially, we require software that adds Bates Stamps individual documents and bates stamped each page that also includes the total pages as reference. Next, we added different color options, font sizes, and bates stamping positions. Then we need to distinguish between renaming a batch of individual records on rolling bates numbers with the file names renamed accordingly. 

Our program constantly evolves based on the additional requirements of our customers.

What is Bates Stamping?

Bates numbering, Bates stamping, Bates branding, or Bates coding is a method used in the legal, medical, and business fields to place identifying numbers and/or date/time-marks on images.  The documents can be scanned or processed for example, during the discovery stage of preparations for trial or identifying business receipts.

Bates stamping can be used to mark and identify images with copyrights by putting a company name, logo, and/or legal copyright on them. This process provides identification, protection, and auto-increment numbering of the images.

Bates numbering is commonly used as an organizational method to label and identify legal documents. During the discovery phase of litigation, a large number of documents might necessitate the use of unique identifiers for each page of each document for reference and retrieval. Bates numbering (named for the Bates automatic numbering machine) assigns an arbitrary unique identifier to each page. Such "numbering" may be solely numeric or may contain a combination of letters and numbers (alphanumeric). There is no standard method for numbering documents.


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