BEST Priced 




Pay only for actual Scans

VDOCS Has the EASIEST and most affordable pricing structure. No hidden cost. 

With VDOCS Photo Scanning you only pay for the actually scanned images.

All Services are icluded. This makes is very easy to estiamte the cost of your project

If you compare the Total Cost you will see that VDOCS offers the most for your money.

Photo Scanning Pricing

29 ¢ per photo scan of loose Photos

Scanning with 1,200 dpi, from 0.5" to to 6" x 8".


39 ¢ per photo to remove, scan and place back Photos in album

If you do not like to take out the images from your album, no problem. We will take out the image from your album, scan and place back into the album. Please note that not all images can be taken out. In addition the sheet protectors often do not glue properly back on the pages afterwards.


55¢ per image from Album or Oversized

including scanning from Photo Album, plus cropping individual pages

Larger than 6"x8" and up to 11"x17" in image size, scanning with 600 DPI

35mm Slide and Negative Scanning Pricing


35mm Slide / Negative Scanning, Scanning with 3,600 dpi



35mm Slide / Negative Scanning, Scanning with 7,200 dpi

Rush Job

Rush Job (Depending on Availability)

  • 48 hour turnaround time: $25 surcharge
  • 24 hour turnaround time: $50 surcharge

Note: The turn around time does not include shipping time.

Minimum Order

$50 minimum Order Amount

plus Shipping and Handling

Get your Scans on DVDs, FlashDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive

Receive two sets of DVD's

Get always 2 sets of DVD's. The two sets of DVD's are included in the pricing. Flash Drives or additional DVDs are extra.


Need immediate access to your scans? No problem. We can share the scans via Dropbox, Box or Google Drive with you. This provides immediate access to the photos and you don't have to wait for the DVD's and photos to arrive. 


Receive the original RGB Scans Plus Color Corrected Scans:


VDOCS provides Color Correction for the scans. But any color correction changes the original RGB image. VDOCS provides you both, the original RGB scans  and the color corrected images.In case at one point you like to select certain images for adjsutments, this provides you the option to do so. Using the original is better than using the color corrected but better looking image.

VDOCS Photo Color Correction

Color Correction is always included.

With VDOCS photo scanning services we color correct each image. Regardless of the age of your photograph VDOCS color correction will provide you a sharp contrast rich image. 

VDOCS Photo Scan Image Correction

This is perfect if you have old b/w or gray scale images. VDOCS color correction unleashes the detail of your image. Color Correction for Photo scanning.

VDOCS Photo Orientation Correction

Yes, we put your image in the correct orientation

No extra charge. Provide us the photos as they are. VDOCS scans and corrects the orientation. All included!

VDOCS Correct Photo Image Orientation


When you compare other services, make sure this is included. Nothing is worse than receiving your photos upside down or paying extra. Why?

With VDOCS: Its Included!

VDOCS Photo Scan Capabilities

Small Photo from 0.5" to 0.5" to large Photos up to 11.5" x 17.2"

Loose Photos

Photo Albums with take out image and / or glued images, with or without sheet protectors

Scrap Books or Larger Images with pages up to 11.5" x 17"

35 mm slides and negatives


In additon to photos, VDOCS we helped companies and individuals to go completely paperless. We scanned all their photos, personal documents, wide format documents, slides and organzied them digitally for them. 

VDOCS Photo Naming and Indexing

Receive your organized and indexed scans

No extra charge. Please take the time to organzie the photos before we scan for you. This is easier and faster than you re-naming the scans later. Put a name tag with your Photos, place in ziplock bag or wrap with rubber bands. We do the rest and scan your photos with your chosen File Name.

VDOCS Photo Naming Indexing

You receive your scans organized and indexed with your requested file name. It's that Easy.

With VDOCS: Its Included!

Easy Order Process 

Before you Order:

  • Name and Label your stacks of Photos
  • Estimate of amount of Images will do


How to Order:

  • Fill out online Order Form
  • Pack Photos in Box
  • Ship Box to VDOCS
  • After receiving we will confirm the arrival of your photos


Process Updates

  • You receive start date for your photo sanning
  • Estimation for Scan Duration
  • Notification of Completion
  • Detail about of amound of scanned Images


Receive Scan via Dropbox or Google Drive:

  • Receive link of scanned images



  • Invoice amount is based on actual scans
  • You receive invoice in email
  • Secure on-line payment (no credit card over the phone)


Return Shipment:

  • Provide your own label or:
  • $15 Return Ground Shipping