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Best Pricing

Only Pay for Actual Scans. No hidden costs, fees, etc!

$0.35 per loose Photos

$0.45 Album Scanning: Take out images, scan and place them back in Album

$0.60 Album Scanning: Scan and crop images from Album pages


$0.95 for 3,600 DPI, $2.25 for 7,200 DPI

Get your Photos on DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive

Plus 1 Flash Drive is included!


1. Get Organized

Group your Photos into Sections with a name tag and wrap them with a rubber band or place them in a plastic bag. It is so much easier to organize the photos before scanning than doing this later with digital scans. 

Please write legibly. We will organize and name the scans with your requested name for you.

  • Dad's Family_
  • Vacation 2010_

2. Pack your Photo Scanning Box

You pay for the shipping to and from VDOCS.

  • Do Not Remove photos from albums if you do not want to
  • Remove all staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc
  • Photos must be no larger than 11.3” x 17”.
  • Photos should be square or rectangular.
  • Wrap images with a rubber band or a small transparent plastic bag or freezer bag.
  • Place photos in the box for shipping
  • Insert Copy of e-Mail Order Confirmation in the Box


3. Fill out the Online Order Form

Fill out our Contact Form below or call us at 855-501-9800.

Please describe your photo order in the message section

Estimate how many images
What do you need to be scanned (loose Photos, Album, etc.)
You do not need to count the number of images. An estimate will do. After scanning we see how many photos we scanned and will provide you the total amount.

Invoicing is based on the total amount of final images.  If you do not want to exceed a certain budget, please let us know


4. Finish your Box and Ship to VDOCS

You will receive an email confirmation with your order. Please place the order confirmation (or confirmation number) in the box.

Buy your shipping label. You pay the shipping cost to VDOCS and we pay for the return ground shipping.

Ship the Box with your choice of shipping vendor to:


7470 141ST STREET




5. Scan Progress Updates

We let you know when the Box with your photos arrives.

In addition, we provide you with an estimated start and completion date.

6. Payment

After the scans are complete we see the exact amount of scanned images. The invoice amount is based on the final amount of images. We will send you the invoice by E-Mail for secure payment. If you did not provide a return shipping label we will bill you for the UPS return expenses.

7. Online Access and Return Shipping

After the payment has been received you can get an optional link to view and access the images via Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive.

For the box with the Flash Drive, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a tracking number.

By Ordering Scanning Services you agree to the VDOCS Terms and Conditions

Overview of VDOCS Photo Scanning Services

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