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VDOCS Document Search 

Find the content of PDF Files while typing

One of the most powerful full-text search-capable Document Management Systems available.

Find data in all your documents
Instant results while typing

Fast Document Indexing
Ongoing Index for Changes

Use Current Microsoft PC/Server
No need to invest in adding hardware

Search by full text and Index
Combine Keyword and Index Search

Open Documents on the requested page
Immediate access to searches

Latest Web Technology
Smartphone, Tablet compatible

Installed on local PC, Server
Use current Network Security

User Management and Audit Control
User Control and Reporting

Super easy and Fast Search

Full-text search plus Index Search

With two search windows, you can quickly combine full-text search and index search. Examples of Index searches are File Names, Folder Names, and adding Index data that describe the Document.

Documents with Keywords show up instantly,

while you type. By enabling "Include Keyword matches in Documents" you see where all the keywords in the sentence

Open PDF Files on the Requested Page

By selecting the page of the search result, VDOCS Document Search will open the PDF File in the Web Browser at the requested page number.

View Engineering Drawings

The Web Display provides the capability to view Engineering Drawings plus the option to zoom in.


Document Review Collaboration

Document Review

Select the checkbox in the search results. Documents are added to the Review List.

Pre-sort your documents, and create a review list for a detailed analysis of records.

Review of selected documents


Document Audit

VDS Document Search Audit Report provided detailed reporting who accessed what document and when

Easy Set up


Select the Network Folder and all content will be indexed by VDS VDOCS Document Search automatically. 

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