Records Management and Integration of old, historic paper documents

Starting the digital process for State Local Government Organization:

Due to the budget cuts the state local government organization are tasked to provide the same service with lower expenses.  vdocs is able to reduce labor intense filing processes to a fraction and provides access to documents within seconds.  

vdocs corp will help achieve this difficult target.  vdocs is compliant with HIPAA, FDA and SEC audit regulations and offers you the highest security level possible.   And vdocs document solutions are easy – very easy to use and to implement.  vdocs as your local systems integrator is able to provide you a complete back end scanning solution that makes the integration from all you current hard copy files and ongoing digital document filing and indexing as easy as making copies.



Property Legal Lot documents are paper based.  Documents like work orders, disconnection notices, deed information, approvals, termination notices, move information are generated at the computer.  Many of these forms are filled out and then filed.  This process is very time and labor intense.  Storage Space becomes limited, expensive and the documents are only available in one place.  Except you make copies and then you need more space.


Eliminates the need for file cabinets and manual filing.

The fist step would be a back scanning all your folders and file cabinets.  vdocs can assist you with this step.  Before you decide on initial scanning you need to identify what you want to do with the documents, how you want them to be sorted and filed. 

At the same time while the back-end scanning will be done you can use your current office systems (like network scanning multifunctional systems and network scanners) to integrate into the vdocs Document Management System.


File your documents automated and 100% correct - document filing and indexing is as easy as making copies.

From the web browser you can easily retrieve all information based on content and key indexing criteria within seconds.  vdocs reduces your entire document management process to seconds (scanning and using keywords for retrieval).  This process currently is an ongoing process that takes time and time and time.

The average organization spends over 15%-30% of its revenue on document related processes.  vdocs will help you keep that "unproductive" paper shuffling revenue and make it your profit.

Do you know any easier way of automating your documents and accessing your information easier and saving money for your company?