BPO - Business Proceess Outsourcing Services: 

Virtual Mail Room Service & Mail Management & Print Services


Productivity Up | Cost Down


Benefits of the VDOCS Virtual Mail Room Service & Mail Management:


  • Never Handle Paper mail again
  • Your Mail is custom indexed
  • Your Mail is organized by date
  • Your Mail is scanned to Full Text searchable PDF Files (FREE - included)
  • Color documents are scanned in Color, B/W documents in B/W
  • All Mail is secure online available
  • Access your Mail with state of the art Web based Document Management Solutions




Financial Benefits of VDOCS Mail Management Service:


  • Save over 50% of your current Mail Processing Cost
  • No Inhouse staffing cost
  • No Fixed Cost
  • Scalable for your needs and volume
  • Best Pricing of all Scan Management Services
  • No Capital Expenses
  • No technology Investments




Receipt, Invoice and Document Printing and Mailing Service:


  • VDOCS will print and mail your Invoices, Receipts, Statements, and other Business Documents
  • Notifications and status of mailed out documents 
  • Place documents in share folder and VDOCS will mail out immediately
  • Never worry again about delays in sending out your documents



Document Management System of your Choice:


Other Scan Mail, virtual Mail Services require you to utilize their web based portal to access your mail.  

With VDOCS YOU CHOSE the delivery solution for your Mail. 

We know you already have an account with Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S-3, Evernote, Cubby, Box, or other solutions. VDOCS will integrate in most cased with the software you are already using.

  • No need to learn a new sofware.  
  • No need to load another app on your Smartphone. 
  • You just access your Mail from your current app.  It is that easy.




Add your own Files:


No Problem.  By using Web Document Management Systems like Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernotes, Box, Cubby etc., you can scan your own files to the Cloud too.  Either scan to your computer or add the documents with your smartphone to your Account.  The Cloud software has easy to use utilities to synchronize the files between the Cloud and your computer.  And this is in most cased FREE. 




What about Pre-Paid Envelops for Office Document Scanning and Receipt Scanning:

VDOCS offers some of the most advanced services for the lowest in the industry.

Instead of charging you a high monthly fee, that includes pre-paid envelops, we prefer offering you our services for the lowest variable cost possible.

Shipping charges depend on quantity, weight, volume and shipping speed.  You know best how you ship your files to VDOCS.




I need certain files shipped to me:

No problem.  VDOCS will ship the documents to you.  We charge a 50% shipping and handling fee for package.  As example, if the Shipping charges are $10 you will be billed $15. This includes:

  • Selecting the Mail Pieces
  • Packaging af Mail pieces
  • Organizing pick up




How long will VDOCS keep my files and what about Shredding:

VDOCS will keep your files for 60 days.  If after 60 days we do not get a request to have certain Documents send to you, VDOCS will have the documents shredded.  VDOCS is using ProShred On-Site Shredding Services to securely destroy the documents. ProShred is the only ISO 9001 Certified Shredding company in Florida.