Open Source Document Management System plus autoINDEX->autoFILER

=>  2  Powerful Solutions in One


  • Automated Document Indexing and Filing Solutions
  • Document / Knowledge / Records Management System

Step One: Document Scanning or Filing of electronic Documents:

vdocs document management solutions are vendor independent.  You can use a scanner, network scanner or almost any networked Office Multifunctional Device to scan hardcopy documents.  In this process the paper or hardcopy document will be converted to a digital file.  


Step Two: Document Scanning or Filing of electronic Documents:

The key differentiation to other system is that vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER  automatically validates the scanned document with your e.g. database and files the documents only if a matching record is found.  With vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER  you have the piece of mind that the documents are filed 100% correct into the Open Source Document Management Solution.


Step Three:  Document Storage, Document Retrieval:

vdocs offers several turn-key solutions where the documents can be stored.  After the vdocs autoINDEX->autoFILER  indexing and filing process, the documents can be store into the solution that will fit your specific requirement the very best way.   


Features Open Source Document Management:


Features of Open Source Document Management



The web based Repository software uses the Apache web server and XAMMP database.  It is licensed under the terms of the GPL license.  

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited “web groups”
  • Unlimited Folders
  • Unlimited Sub Folders
  • Unlimited Files
  • Sort files by Date or Title (alphabetc)
  • Searching Options
  • Index search
  • Full Content search
  • Index only .xls, searchable PDF’s, .doc and .txt files
  • Windows Installation via exe file


  • Manage multiple projects
  • Calendar
  • WIKI
  • Tasking/Gantt Chart
  • News room
  • Search document contents and metadata
  • Control folder access via groups and/or users
  • Document access history
  • Document version history
  • Check-in and Check-out