Xerox ScanFlowStoreWhat is ScanFlowStore? 

Digital archiving with ScanFlowStore is just as easy as making a copy. With one press of a button, a Xerox multifunctional creates a digital copy which is stored anywhere. ScanFlowStore ensures that the document is stored in the proper folder as a text searchable document, for example as a text searchable PDF file. With ScanFlowStore InterActive client it is possible to have real time bi-directional communication with your network. This means that it is now even easier to specify the location where you want to store your scanned document.


  • Integrate scanned documents into your existing workflow
  • Clear user interface with easy to use hot buttons
  • Integrates seamlessly with your Xerox MFP
  • Save time and money 
  • Optimize efficiency

Intuitive scanning in four simple steps: authenticate, scan, flow & store! 

Xerox ScanFlowStore - Using a Xerox Copier as Scan, Indexing and Filing System

With ScanFlowStore all your documents can be digitalized and archived as text searchable files. ScanFlowStore ensures that the document is stored as a text searchable file in the proper folder directly from the Xerox multifunctional. With ScanFlowStore Inter Active client bidirectional communication between the multifunctional and the network is possible.

This can integrate scanned documents into your business processes. Store documents directly in the application you use, whether this is a Windows file structure or business application.

ScanFlowStore eliminates the need for a dedicated Scanner to scan to the Business Application.


1. Select on Xerox Coper/Scanner the Location and Type in your Filename:


Xerox Scan Flow Store Copier Interface


2. Select the pre-defined Template (Scan Destination) List


Xerox Scan Flow Store Multifunctional Interface


3. Select Customer Client Folder as Scan Destination


Xerox ScanFlow Store MFP Interface





Scan with ScanFlowStore:

The first step when processing a document with ScanFlowStore is the scanning of your (paper) document. It is the beginning of your workflow. Documents can be scanned from the multifunctional or can be captured from almost any file format.

Xerox multifunctional
Capture and scan your documents from a Xerox multifunction device. ScanFlowStore supports all EIP enabled Xerox devices and all Xerox devices with network scanning. ScanFlowStore has been designed in the same user friendly way as the Xerox multifunctional to ensure an easy scan experience.
Besides scanning from a multifunctional device, it's also possible to convert TIFF, PDF or JPEG attachments from an email. Within ScanFlowStore, it possible to point each scan template to an email address. Every email which enters this mail box will be checked by ScanFlowStore. When there is an attachment, ScanFlowStore imports the attachments, deletes the email and converts this attachment to a searchable PDF file and stores this PDF file in every preferred location. 
Capture documents from a Windows folder
In certain circumstances a user may not use a multifunction device only for scanning. For these cases, the 'Winshare In' module for ScanFlowStore has been created. This module makes it possible to define an import folder from which ScanFlowStore retrieves the scanned documents and converts and transfers the document(s) to a destination chosen. This module can convert JPG and TIFF to a file format supported by the software such as searchable PDF, Word, Excel, Jpeg, OpenOffice, etc.

Document Flow 

ScanFlowStore processes your digitized documents with the use of the latest technologies. In different businesses, information needs to be processed in different ways. For example, it is possible that a document needs to be sent as text searchable PDF file or in an Excel format. The processing features of ScanFlowStore allow you to:

  • Improve image quality
  • Perform text-recognition
  • Read barcodes or use Zone OCR
  • Convert the format of the scanned documents

See below an overview of the different processing features of ScanFlowStore.

Bates stamp
Bates stamp is used in many business fields to sequentially number or date/time-mark images or documents as they are scanned to guarantee authenticity. 
Email capability
Send scanned documents directly to an email address with one press of a button. A copy of the email is automatically stored in the users mailbox.
Barcode scanning
ScanFlowStore has the ability to read and interpret almost every barcode font. When ScanFlowStore encounters a barcode, it will read the value and extract the data to be used as metadata. Barcodes can be used for batch scanning and to eliminate metadata entry at the device.
Zone OCR
ScanFlowStore has the ability to easily extract data from documents by creating search options for values mentioned on documents, or by pre-selecting areas where metadata can be found. Use the retrieved values to name the document, create folders, route it to a destination and more.
Text searchable PDf files & PDF security
ScanFlowStore ensures that your scanned documents are stored in the correct repository as text searchable files, like PDF files. PDF security is also possible. For archiving purposes, documents can be converted into PDF/A format, which is the standard archiving format.
Create Word files
Store your scanned documents as Microsoft Office Word files. The Word output can be used for documents that need to be edited after scanning.
Output of Excel files
Store your documents as editable Microsoft Office Excel documents. 
Output of Jpeg files
Convert your scanned documents to Jpeg files to save them as images.
Create Tiff files
With ScanFlowStore you can create Tiff files from your scanned documents. 
Create Open Office documents
Convert your scanned documents into editable Open Office documents.
Create Rtf files with ScanFlowStore
Convert your scanned documents into editable Rtf files.

Store Documents with Xerox ScanFlowStore

Content Management
Store files directly in the correct repository in your existing content management system.
Store documents directly in your financial application. Attach the document to the correct account, client, etc.
With ScanFlowStore it's possible to store incoming faxes and to send faxes directly from the MFP.   

Store captured documents directly in your CRM application. Attach the document directly to the correct relation, etc.  
Capture and store documents directly in the correct location within an ERP application 
Capture and store documents directly in the correct database column in a database.