EOB Mail Scan - Check Deposit Service 


The EOB Mail Scan Check Deposit Service was developed for the health

care, medical industry to eliminate the current problems of:


  • Check are not being deposited on time
  • The billing personal does not have quick access to the billing documents
  • Need to quickly consolidate paper and electronic remittance sources
  • EOB Processing is not efficient

This Mail Scan Deposit Solution is benefitial for companies and organizations

where documents need to be consolidated and checks need to be deposited.



VDOCS Medical EOB Scanning means 

  • 100% increased productivity

  • allows faster payment,

  • easier reconciliation,

  • less paperwork and greater efficiency. 

vdocs supports the medical industry as a document clearing house.
EOB’s will be scanned, processed and made digital available. 
Deposits can be found in seconds via keyword search and validated
in a fraction of the traditional process.  VDOCS provides remote check 
deposits of the checks and claim related payments.
All documents will be online available to the billing manager,
practice manager, physician and CPP of your choice.
ALL DOCUMENTS securely IN ONE PLACE and your Money in the BANK.
Save time and money and let VDOCS do the filing for you.

Quick Turnaround

  • Same Day Scanning
  • Same Day Deposit

The mail arrives in our scanning facilities. All incoming mail will be

scanned on the same business day and is immediately online available.

The checks that are attached to the EOB's will be deposited the same

business day into your account via remote check deposit.

No need to:

  • Drive to the bank and depositing checks
  • Ask employees to drive to bank
  • Pull you hair, because you forgot to deposit the checks

With VDOCS, your documents are available the same day for your billing person

for consolidation and EOB processing.  Forget faxing EOB's back and forth and

wasting time, money, paper and your sanity. 

After the documents have been posted to your account you can easily access them

from your computer, smartphone or tables with secure access rights.



Secure and compliant with HIPAA, FDA, SEC rules

VDOCS mail scan, check deposit services meet the regulatory requirements like HIPAA, SEC and FDA.  

Customized Industry Solutions

VDOCS document and scanning services are being used in a variety of different industries, like medical, municipalities, manufacturing, services, real estate. To meet your specific filing and indexing requirement we provide a custom solution for your specific needs.



Easy Access - Full Text Keyword Search 

From any internet connected computer, smartphone, tablet, you log into the secure vdocs web solution and access your mail pieces instantly. 
And documents are custom indexed by Date and Content. Find any document in seconds by keywords.
VDOCS digital documents allow you to search for keywords in your mail. You will find your reqeusted document in seconds.

Never lose a document again!

VDOCS scanned documents are stored at the Document Management System of your Choice. You can manage all your mail to your computer with easy to use Explore like tools.


Receive all your mail anywhere in the world

Regardless where you are, with vdocs you have access to all your mail.  So you can travel, or work in a remote office and have the security to get all your documents & mail anywhere - anytime.




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EOB Mail Scanning Check Deposit